About me


As an artist, I’m interested primarily in urban landscapes and how we navigate through and understand urban spaces. I’m drawn to areas often overlooked, be they abandoned buildings or just areas of the city with seemingly little to see, in search of unexpected juxtapositions and viewpoints. 

My work is informed by my recent MA in Art History where I specialised in 20th century art and politics in Europe. I’m drawn to signs and symbols in the urban environment and how these function in our understanding of the designation of space as public or private and how this works to define our experiences of the spaces we encounter. 

I’m also a fan of brutal architecture and the stark geometric forms this style uses as well as the Soviet era Constructivist movement. I work from a small studio located in the heart of medieval Norwich. If you'd like to know about my work or my practise, please do get in touch on the link above. You can also find me on instagram @craigjfrostart