About me

Hi I'm Craig. I'm a painter and mixed media artist based in Norwich U.K.

I graduated from the Open University in the summer of 2015. Having originally set my sights on a Music degree my attention was grabbed by Art History somewhere along the way and I ended up with specialisms in both under the broader heading of 'Humanities'. I graduated with First Class honours, something I'm really proud of.

My work shown here is part of a continual expression of self and a reaction to the world in which I live. Sometimes serious, sometimes less so; but always authentic. I like to experiment with technique and materials. My abstract work is spontaneous and unplanned, my (nearly) representational oil paintings are painted quickly and loosely, more concerned with an impression of a subject than the subject itself. My mixed media work tends to be more focused and planned around a specific issue I want to address.

My photographic work focuses more on process than on the end result. I enjoy experimenting with home film processing techniques.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. If there's anything you'd like to say please do get in touch using the link above.